StorySenders; donate money for a book to be bought on your behalf.

There are many charities and charitable organisations who allow you to "buy" a gift to be given to someone in need, for example, to buy a chicken or maybe a goat for a family overseas.

StorySenders is intended to be a very similar arrangement - basically, the idea is that you give funds in order for a new book to be chosen, bought and given to a person in need - for example, the first recipients were children housed in a women's refuge.  You can give any amount you choose and, if you wish, give suggestions for the books you would like to be donated.

If you have second-hand books you would like to pass on to someone in need, or wish to give money direct to a refuge or other charity then obviously please, by all means, do (in regards to womens' refuges: The organisation Women's Aid does amazing work, and Refuge has many ways of contributing) but that is not StorySenders' focus.

StorySenders started out with children in womens' refuges in mind - and Nickel Books is an independent book shop who, in need of a financial boost, was the partner in this.  But StorySenders was not intended to be exclusive to this cause; it is hoped that there could be opportunities for donating books to children in hospices, in foster care and to the elderly - to name a few.  This may well take some time, but it is very heartening to have it in mind - following the success of the first donations.

Finally, a wise person told me of a quote they had read about children in care - which I think can be extended to any child or person in a vulnerable position.  That is; that it is important to give new things if possible - because to receive other people's "cast offs", though not intended to be such, could reinforce the feeling that they are second class citizens.  This is not to say that second hand goods and donations of clothes, toys etc are not welcome at many, many charities up and down the land - and righty so - but that notion has stayed with me throughout the inception of StorySenders - and kept me going when trying to explain what we are doing and why!  We are giving new books to children at a time when they are going through a very difficult time of their lives.  The fact they are chosen just for them and are shop-fresh is central to the StorySenders mission - it just makes it that extra little bit special.

Thank you again for your interest in this venture.

I/We are not a registered charity or official body, my background is purely that I am a Stay at Home Mum with young children and a previous career in Education, therefore have the skills / time / interest to have taken on the role of Online Co-Ordinator for the scheme, after having the initial idea. Nickel is an independent bookshop owner, has a young child herself and is interested in forging relations with refuges (for example by arranging Story Times for the children etc). Nickel's bookshop already offers very competitive prices and low mark-up costs, the paypal fees and tax will be paid by her as with any other purchase - the price you donate is exactly what will be spent on the book in exactly the same way as if you walked into her shop and paid at the till; no more, no less. (If you live locally and would like to call in to her shop to discuss donating, please do!). I have given freely of my time and make no profit from organising all this, other than the warm glow of feeling it is all in motion and people's good intentions are being carried out. I am intentionally vague on the details of everyone involved - in the interests of internet safety and anonymity - but am happy to answer any questions you may have - please do get in touch: storysenders@gmail.com

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