1st Donations

These are the first donations made in October 2012, most of them anyway!  (one or two were ordered in and a couple more were added in line with adjusted numbers of recipients).  This is where your kind contributions are going - they are being transformed into brand new, hand chosen, beautiful books - and a couple of extra goodies for good measure.

The first donation by Storysenders was conceived of in May 2012 and was launched in September 2012 - the main content of which was covered on Mumsnet; a parenting website and forum. The primary aim of StorySenders was for people to "buy" a new book, which would then be given to a child in need. Becoming a StorySender is as easy as making any internet purchase - and an independent shop, Nickel Books in Kent, was the partner in the book supply and handover.

If you were involved in this, or simply followed our progress, and haven't done so already - please check out the StorySenders Survey - in relation to this first donation!

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