Christmas 2012

These are our Christmas bundles - made possible by our very generous StorySenders who have contributed funds.  We had some funds remaining from the October Half Term donations and this, along with the Christmas donations of funds, meant we could arrange bundles for three refuges - and still have some to carry over into New Year!  Thank you, all.

These were given to a women's refuge in the North of England who provide accommodation, support and safety for women and their children.  Over Christmas they have a small handful of young children housed with them, so book and toy choices were made to suit their needs.

And this is the second bundle, which was given to a refuge down in the South of England - again, the toys and books have all been chosen to suit the needs / ages of the children housed there.  We were able to include a specific recommendation by a StorySender too.

This is the third and final Christmas bundle - this went to a refuge in the South of England (not far from the recipients above).  There are small numbers of children with a wider age range - we were glad to be able to include them in our Christmas Donations.

ALL of these were very gratefully received by the refuges.  Do let us know what you think to the donations - all stock is available to buy through Nickel Books.

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